Watch Repair Kit & Wrist Strap Adjuster – £5.98

"watch repair strap adjuster kit"
watch repair strap adjuster kit

We’re here to save you money, so when you do buy your next watch, nothing is more annoying than having to fork out another £5 to £10 to have your watch strap adjusted.  This is literally a 2 minute job and very easy to give it a go yourself and save some money time and time again.  While the watch adjuster tool is available for just a few pounds on it’s own, for a little more you can get this 16 piece set which is useful when tackling a number of other tasks.  If you’re still not sure, they are many videos on youtube to guide you through step by step.

No more expensive watch repairs from the local jewellers.  Fix it yourself with this 16 piece tool kit for watches. It includes tools for changing the battery and adjusting the wrist strap.

Includes: Link Removal Tool, Watch Case Opener, Soft Work Pad, Double Headed Hammer (nylon/steel), Case Opener Knife, Fine Nosed Tweezer, Plier, Spring Bar Tool & Link Pin Punch and Screwdrivers.

TRIXES 16 Piece Watch Repair Kit Set & Wrist Strap Adjust Pin Tool Kit Back Remover Fix